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  1. The teacher facilitates a lesson about the Sustainable Development Goals (here is the material to do this). 
  2. As a class think about all the things you do or could do in your class/at your school that are contributing to a SDG or multiple SDGs. 
  3. Keep taking/start taking action!
  4. Track your process, learn more about why your contribution matters, think about a cool art/drama/IT project you could do as a class that communicates your actions
  5. As a class complete an A1 project poster that demonstrates for our judging panel what your class has been doing to contribute to one or multiple SDGs.
  6. Upload a photo of your project poster on www.goal.ie/goalchangemakers OR send it to GOAL, Carnegie House, Library Road, Dun Laoghaire, Co.Dublin by the 5th of December
  7. On January 13th at noon the winners will be announced along with all the project ideas uploaded on www.goal.ie/goalchangemakers


  • 1st Place: A class trip to the Cool Planet Experience: https://www.coolplanetexperience.org/ AND the teacher and a group of pupils will get to present their idea on radio/TV (TBC)
  • 2nd – 5th Places: the teacher and a group of pupils will get to present their idea on radio/TV (TBC)
  • All entrants will be entered in a raffle for ten €50 book vouchers for the teachers


  • Action – we want to see that you have taken meaningful action to contribute to the SDGs
  • Knowledge – does the project show an in-depth understanding of the issue/issues your chosen SDG/SDGs are targeting
  • Teamwork – does the project demonstrate that the class worked well together and with any other stakeholders?
  • Creativity – the idea does not have to be original but is how you carried out your actions or the art/drama/IT project unique?

Our work is supported by:

  • W5
  • Dropbox Fundation
  • Irish Aid
  • Brigit´s Garden
  • Irish Seed Savers
  • CPE
  • The European Union
  • Irish Aid
  • UK Aid
  • The United Nations
  • US Aid