Global Citizenship

As an organisation that has responded to almost every major natural and man-made humanitarian emergency and supported long term development for poor communities since 1977, GOAL understands that citizens and leaders can affect significant long-term and sustainable change for the poorest and most vulnerable people in the world.

What is Global Citizenship?

We live in an increasingly interconnected world where our actions and networks are no longer limited by traditional boundaries or borders.

The global adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals in 2015 were a commitment to transform our world, recognising the universality of the challenges we face and the responsibility that lies with every one of us to learn, respond and act.

It is in response to the global partnership of the Sustainable Development Goals that GOAL’s Global Citizenship programme has been created. GOAL is a member of Coalition2030, an alliance of civil society organisations committed to and working towards upholding Ireland’s commitment to achieving the SDGs globally and locally by 2030.'

To achieve a fairer, more sustainable future for everyone by 2030, GOAL is empowering people to understand and act. GOAL through its Global Citizenship programme will publicly engage citizens, through public events and activities, of GOAL’s worldwide work, related global challenges and how to act. GOAL will also empower learning through it’s already established Development Education programme which facilitates workshops with primary and secondary schools and will also empower citizens and students to analyse and address global issues by working with universities, community, activist and youth groups too.

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