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Early Activities

Global Sparks

We're now in Week 6 of Global Sparks - you can find more activities and info about Global Sparks here.

Week 1

Good Health & Wellbeing

Facing the threat of the Covid-19 pandemic we realise more than ever that our health is our wealth! And while we practice social distancing to stop the spread of the virus looking after your health has never been more important.

Now more than ever we are reliant on the relentless work of health care staff, suppliers and services to keep us safe during this time.

We can be thankful for the amazing care they provide. Sadly, not everyone can enjoy this level of care with over half of the world's population lacking access to adequate health services.

This week’s activities focus on taking care of your own mental and physical health, and those around you.

Ireland rugby star Jenny Murphy introduces her exercise challenge 'The Bear Crawl' for Global Sparks week 1 to help us keep fit during the lockdown.

Good Health & Wellbeing Activities

Good mental health: Find a spot in your home or your garden and do some mindfulness exercises. OUTSIDE the BOX have created a wonderful journal to get children started.

COVID-19 Healthcare Workers

Say thank you: Write a thank you card to our healthcare heroes and suppliers who are working around the clock to look after us all!

COVID-19 Handwashing

Raise Awareness: Make a poster for the front of your home to remind people passing by of the importance of cleaning their hands and social distancing.

Play #GOALTippyTapTag to remind us to wash our hands and raise awareness of the importance of having access to fresh clean water.

Week 2

Responsible Consumption and Production

The way we currently produce and use food, clothes and other products is unsustainable. BUT by shopping responsibly, and by reusing and recycling old clothing and plastic materials we can reduce the impact our waste has on the world.

We all need to work together to reduce our material footprint so we’ve lined up some fun, creative activities for families to get us thinking about plastic waste, food miles and repurposing old clothes.

This week’s activities will help us understand how we can make a difference as responsible consumers and look after our planet for future generations to come.

Did you know?

  • 40% of the world’s ocean surfaces are covered in plastic waste
  • producing and transporting our food amounts to 30% of the world’s total energy consumption
  • the clothing industry is the second largest polluter of clean water after agriculture

Have a look in your recycling bin and see if you can make a lovely creative display with any of items listed by Recreate in their video above.

Recreate have loads of fun, interactive workshops to give families ideas and inspiration while we all stay at home.

To share you creations or see what other families are making visit

Other activities to try this week

Flossie and the beach cleaners have a challenge for you this week!

Do you have

  • any old socks with holes in them or odd socks lying around?
  • old clothes that are no longer fit for wear?

Think about how you can re-use old socks for another purpose. Share your ideas with us and watch Flossie’s video for some inspiration!

You can follow Flossie and her team of changemakers at

Make your own global fruit and vegetable family with some interesting characters you might find in your kitchen!

  1. What countries have your fruit and vegetables travelled from?
  2. Can you add up how far your fruit and vegetables have travelled to get to you?
  3. Do you know which fruit and vegetables are grown locally?
  4. When are these fruit and vegetables in season in your local area?
  5. Pick one of your fruit or vegetables and give them a name and character!

Share your fruit and vegetable family online and inspire other changemakers!