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Through USAID and Food for Peace, the US Government has been a long-time and dynamic partner
of GOAL’s humanitarian and development work.

Working with the support of USAID

Recent years have seen the US government support GOAL’s work in Ethiopia, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Niger, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Syria and Uganda. The flexibility of this funding has allowed us to maintain diverse programming in complex and fragile contexts. Through this partnership GOAL is able to assist vulnerable communities affected by man-made and climate disasters, humanitarian emergencies and major health outbreaks - all whilst working to build community resilience and well-being. Projects include:

  • Ethiopia: GOAL led the USAID-funded 'Nutrition Rapid Response Mechanism' - a countrywide programme to support the Ministry of Health during surges in acute malnutrition.
  • Syria: GOAL has been implementing the SUSTAIN food security programme since 2016, both directly and through local partners.
  • Malawi: GOAL implemented the USAID-funded PaMawa, or ‘Youth as Agents of Change’ programme with a consortium from 2016-2018.
  • Honduras: GOAL implemented the USAID-funded Neighbourhood Approach to Reduce Urban Disaster Risk in three high risk neighbourhoods in Tegucigalpa with Barrio Resiliente