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Fostering Global Citizenship

Why this goal?

Individual actions and networks are no longer limited by traditional boundaries. We are a Global Family, with the Sustainable Development Goals representing an international commitment to transforming our world. Responding to this challenge is not
a task exclusive to any one geography, population or sector. It is the responsibility of us all.

Global citizens make real change happen

Through our Global Citizenship programme, we aim to empower a generation of Global Citizens to critically reflect on and better understand how our world is interconnected. We want to ensure children, young people and adults believe that a fairer, more equal, and sustainable world is possible and support them to develop the relevant skills to act in pursuit of this world for everyone on the planet.

In 2015, UN world leaders adopted the Sustainable Development Goals. Made up of 17 individual but interconnected goals, they outline what must be done to build a fairer, more sustainable future. 2030 might seem like years away, but it will take a lot of work and commitment to achieve this vision – ending poverty, fighting inequalities, tackling climate change, protecting our ocean, animals, and ensuring that no one is left behind.

Everyone has the power to help make real change happen.

Be a Global Citizen and join one of GOAL's Global Citizenship programmes.

How can you help GOAL achieve this?

Creative, curriculum-linked lesson plans and audio-visuals will help primary school teachers to explore Global Citizenship with their 1st - 6th class students and take actions for a sustainable and fair world.

Resource materials support teachers and children in making the connection between their recent experience of the Covid-19 health crisis to learning about the interconnectedness of the world and taking action in solidarity for the UN Global Goals.

GOAL are now also offering live Changemakers workshops for your online classroom! All materials will be designed to be implementable with the Covid-19 classroom restrictions. To find all resource materials, or to register for one of our online workshops click here.

Are you looking for support with at-home learning? Your bright young sparks will love these online weekly activities supporting Global Citizenship learning. Originally designed to help at-home learning during the summer term 2020, each week we introduce activities reflecting one of the UN Global Goals, suitable for all primary school classes and their families. You will learn about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and take small but significant actions for local and global solidarity!

Find out more about the fun activities we have ready for you. And make sure to follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Youtube to keep up to date with the latest news on upcoming Global Citizenship programmes.

Book a Global Citizenship workshop

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, GOAL's Global Citizenship team have suspended live in-classroom workshops across the island of Ireland.

But don’t worry! While we can’t be in your classrooms during the Covid-19 crisis, GOAL is supporting teachers in continuing Global Citizenship education through remote learning.

We are currently offering live online Global Citizenship workshops for primary school students. Our GC team will call in live to your virtual classroom, or broadcast live to your classroom once schools return in March! Register your interest for either option here, or contact our Global Citizenship team at to discuss the best options for you and your class. We would love to hear from you!

We are also here to support teachers with learning initiatives which will help you keep engaging with your pupils: GOAL Changemakers and Global Sparks. You can also download our other educational resources here.

Once it is safe to return to the classroom for us, GOAL will continue to run workshops with primary and secondary schools to build understanding around the role we play in a rapidly changing and interdependent world.

The GOAL Global Youth Programme

This programme brings young people together from all over the world to deepen their understanding of Global Citizenship.

In May 2020, the participants of the GOAL Global Youth programme 2020 (GGY) began their journey together to create a Global Citizenship Education resource. In January 2021, GOAL launched GGY 2020’s full brand new resource’, ‘The Global Citizen’s Journey’, designed for secondary school students, and available for use in both online and in-person settings. If you are 14 – 18 years old, a youth group leader, or a transition year teacher/coordinator and want to explore the realities and complexities of our interconnected world, you can find this resource here.

The 2021 Youth Programme takes place online via 10 virtual seminars from April through to August. Participants work with peers across the world to develop skills in critical thinking, intercultural communication, project management, teamwork, and the fundamentals of organising and implementing public awareness campaigns. Through the themes of Global Food Systems and Climate Change, participants will learn how each relates to global citizenship and development.

Applications for 2021 have now closed, but you can follow the team on Instagram or Twitter for news and updates about the Global Youth Programme's activities, or visit the Youth Programme webpage.

Fostering Global Citizenship

Goal Strategy 2019-2021 English Cover Picture

We live in an increasingly interconnected world.

We live in an increasingly interconnected world.

We're committed to strengthening our engagement with the general public and society leaders, with the aim of empowering people to understand and act in accordance with a fairer and more sustainable future for all.

Using the evidence and insights of our work and by amplifying the voices of the communities with whom we work, we seek to enhance the knowledge, attitudes, values and skills of young people, students, teachers, leaders and duty-bearers on the role they can play in addressing the causes and consequences of poverty and inequality.

Code of Good Practice for Development Education

GOAL is a member of the Code of Good Practice for Development Education. Members of this Code commit to strengthening their Development Education practice through an annual self-assessment process.