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Fostering Global Citizenship

Why this goal?

Individual actions and networks are no longer limited by traditional boundaries. We are a Global Family, with the Sustainable Development Goals representing an international commitment to transforming our world. Responding to this challenge is not
a task exclusive to any one geography, population or sector. It is the responsibility of us all.

Global citizens make real change happen

Through our Global Citizenship programme, we aim to empower a generation of Global Citizens to critically reflect on and better understand how our world is interconnected. We want to support children, young people and adults to develop the relevant skills to act in pursuit of a more equal, fairer and more sustainable world for all.

In 2015, UN world leaders adopted the Sustainable Development Goals. Made up of 17 individual but interconnected goals, they outline what must be done to build a fairer, more sustainable future. 2030 might seem like years away, but it will take a lot of work and commitment to achieve this vision – such as ending poverty, fighting inequalities, tackling climate change, protecting our ocean, animals, and ensuring that no one is left behind. 

Everyone has the power to help make real change happen.

Be a Global Citizen!  

How can you help GOAL achieve this?

Join the GOAL Changemakers Award

With the GOAL CHANGEMAKERS award, we are celebrating everyday actions, big and small, that 3rd to 6th classes are taking to ensure a sustainable and fair future for us all. We have developed interactive curriculum-linked lesson plans to introduce children to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Upon completing the lessons classes are invited to start or continue taking actions that help contribute to one or more Global Goals. The Award invites classes to submit their actions to GOAL and be in with a chance of winning one of a number of exciting class trips, all expenses paid!

Check out the cool prizes and meet our inspiring judges on the GOAL Changemakers page!

Join GOAL's new youth programme

GOAL is currently working with 13 Youth Advisors to help us build our first Youth Programme in Ireland in 2020. Learn how to understand and analyse complex global issues, work together with other young people and be inspired by other change-makers. GOAL's youth programme is a great way to become an active Global Citizen.
e the change you want to see.

Sound good? Find out more on our Youth Programme here.

Book a development education workshop

GOAL runs workshops with primary and secondary schools to build understanding around the role we play in a rapidly changing and interdependent world. Growing in popularity over the years, GOAL's development education workshops are 'excellent in raising awareness of global issues and helping children to believe that they can be agents of change in the future' (workshop beneficiary)

Can't wait? Download our educational resources and contact our Development Education team at to book your workshop today.

Fundraise or volunteer for GOAL

GOAL is working towards the Sustainable Development Goals and there are lots of ways you can help us get there. Whether you want to make a donation or fundraise for us, GOAL's events calendar makes it easy to get involved.

Don't worry if you can't find an event that works for you - our team is on hand to help you set up your own fundraiser! We are also looking for people to volunteer their time and skills.

If you are interested in organising a fundraiser check out our events page. If you want to become a volunteer you can find out more here 

Fostering Global Citizenship

Goal Strategy 2019-2021 English Cover Picture

We live in an increasingly interconnected world.

GOAL is committed to strengthening our engagement with the general public and society leaders, with the aim of empowering people to understand and act in accordance with a fairer and more sustainable future for all.

Using the evidence and insights of our work and by amplifying the voices of the communities we work with, GOAL will seek to enhance the knowledge, attitudes, values and skills of young people, students, teachers, leaders and duty-bearers on the role they can play in addressing the causes and consequences of poverty and inequality.