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Join us in ending childhood malnutrition

By becoming a regular giver, you are helping to ensure that every child, regardless of where they are born, has access to life-saving nutrition.

We've seen firsthand the devastating effects of childhood malnutrition in places like Sudan, Gaza, and Niger. But, with your support, we can provide these children with the food security they urgently need.

Around the world, GOALies are working tirelessly to provide essential support;

  • providing nutritious food and clean water to families in urgent need
  • running innovative nutrition programmes to screen and treat severe malnutrition in children under five
  • empowering families with knowledge about malnutrition and good feeding practices

These actions are not just dreams but tangible, life-changing steps towards ending childhood malnutrition. Your support is crucial in making this vision a reality.

A mother feeding her infant a highly nutritious food

Recognising your commitment

From July 2024*, as a token of our gratitude for new monthly donors, you will receive a special gift, supported by our friends at Custodian, after your third month’s donation - a small token of appreciation for your commitment to helping those in need.

Available for a limited time while stocks last.

*Offer only available to new monthly direct debit or automated recurring card payment donors from July 1st to September 30th, 2024, inclusive. It does not apply to existing monthly donors or single cash donors. Offer subject to availability.

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A mother's joy

Recently, in a village on the Ethiopia-South Sudan border, our dedicated team of GOALies witnessed a heartwarming scene: three toddlers, Nyachua, Nyajuak, and Nyakime, playing joyfully with their mother, Nyakan. Just a few years ago, this scene seemed like a distant dream.

In 2020, the GOAL team in Ethiopia met Nyakan and her 6-month-old triplets in a refugee camp, escaping the horrors of South Sudan. The little girls faced a daunting challenge—life-threatening malnutrition.

"I wasn't sure if they would survive," Nyakan shared, her voice tinged with fear.

With unwavering support from compassionate donors like you, the team leapt into action and provided crucial care and treatment.

Nyachua, Nyajuak, and Nyakime not only survived but thrived, envisioning a future beyond the camp's confines.

By becoming a regular giver, you offer hope to mothers like Nyakan. Making it possible for their children to grow up healthy and imagine a future with endless possibilities.

A mother sitting outside her house in a village in Ethiopia with her three toddler triplets

Why become a monthly donor?

Real Hope, Real Change

How your money is spent (square)

Every day, in vulnerable communities across Gaza, Sudan, and Ethiopia, families are enduring immense hardship, struggling to ensure they have enough food to survive.

Your regular support will help people have access to enough food to meet their nutritional needs and end childhood hunger.

Claim your special gift in exchange for your commitment to helping those in need. Available for new monthly donors from July 2024, after three months of donations.

When you become a monthly donor, you can be assured that your gift will be spent where it has the greatest impact - saving lives and easing suffering.

By becoming a GOALie, you will help us respond swiftly to emerging crises, offer critical care, and help rebuild shattered communities with sustainable long-term solutions. Because that's what GOALies do.

Please become a regular giver today and help deliver critical support to those in need.

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How You Can Help

For over 45 years, GOAL has responded to humanitarian crises around the world.

With your support, GOAL teams can deliver essential supplies to families in need:

  • €12 a month will provide food kits, wherever in the world they’re most needed
  • €21 a month will supply a family with clean water daily
  • €40 a month will provide vulnerable families with emergency shelter, hygiene products for women and girls, and other essential non-food items

Impact in numbers

+10 million

People supported with humanitarian aid

+5.5 million

People received critical medical care

+3.1 million

People provided with clean drinking water

+2.5 million

People received food

Be a lifeline - Become a GOALie

A mother feeding her child nutritional peanut paste to help fight malnutrition while a GOAL Ethiopia staff is helping on her right

As a GOALie, you are pivotal in our mission to help families survive crises. Providing hope to families like Nyakan and her young daughters.

Your regular support will allow us to reach more communities and offer a lifeline of safety and hope to people whose lives have been shattered by conflict and illness. Your commitment as a GOALie will not only impact lives today but will create a ripple of change that will resonate for generations to come.

Start your journey of transforming lives today. Join our monthly giving community and be a lifeline for families in crisis.