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Clean Water Transforming Lives in Uganda

For many families in rural Uganda accessing clean water is a daily struggle. Evelyn and Steven, proud parents of 5 adorable children, are among them. With contaminated drinking water from Lake Victoria making their children sick, they used to spend around 25% of their monthly income on healthcare.

Today the family have access to a borehole well just minutes from their home where they can collect as much clean water as they need. Whenever they need it. They no longer need to visit the medical centre regularly or pay for medicine to treat water borne diseases. And the money that they are saving is for all 5 of their children to go to school.

“Even though we were getting treatment we would fall sick again at home. But when we got the water from GOAL, we got relief. We now have hygiene at home. Now we have what we need at home and the water is good. The situation we had has improved and life is good,” Evelyn says.

Water shouldn’t be work, it shouldn’t make you sick, it shouldn’t cost a fourth of your income and it should never put your life at risk.


Evelyn and her family now have access to safe drinking water