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Help families fleeing conflict this Christmas

Help families far from home this Christmas

Home is a special place, all year round.

And as Christmas approaches, it becomes even more cherished. The yearning for a familiar, safe place, surrounded by loved ones is a feeling we all share.

Now imagine if getting home was an impossible dream. Imagine if you had been forced to leave everything behind, not knowing if you could ever return.

Imagine being forced to walk for days to escape conflict and the devastating impact of climate change. This is the reality for millions of families this Christmas. Millions of families who are going to bed hungry every night. 

In East Africa relentless heat has dried up wells and rivers. Crops have vanished - and swarms of desert locusts have devoured what little manages to grow.

But with your support we can be there for families in need.

Your support means people with absolutely nothing can survive far from home.

With your support GOAL teams can continue to provide hope to families in the world's poorest communities. Delivering water, food and medical support.

With your help we can save lives. Because that's what GOALies do.

Please donate today and help deliver critical support to those in need this Christmas.


GOAL teams are delivering life saving support this Christmas

Supporting Families in Crisis this Christmas

Across Sudan, tens of thousands of families have been forced to flee their homes. Families like Islam’s.

Lawlessness and violence forced her to flee to Kassab refugee camp in North Darfur with her new born baby Rawia.

After making the long journey Islam was relieved to find safe haven. Unfortunately, this relief was shortlived.

GOAL teams immediately recognised that baby Rawia was severely malnourished.

Her eyes were rolling back in her head. She was slipping in and out of consciousness. Clearly, fast action was needed.

GOAL teams immediately transferred baby Rawia and Islam to a local hospital where she was placed on a special high calorie liquid diet.

We desperately hoped this would work. We prayed that Rawia would have the strength to fight back and grow strong. But it was too late. Tiny Rawia lost her brave battle in early September.

Sadly, Rawia’s tragic story is a familiar one in East Africa this Christmas. As climate change intensifies, crops fail and conflict rages thousands of families need your support.


GOAL teams with Islam and baby Rawia