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Help communities facing extreme hunger

Supporting families in urgent need

Communities in East Africa are being ravaged by the worst drought in over 40 years.

23 million people are facing ​extreme hunger and are in critical need of ​immediate humanitarian assistance​.

Someone is dying of hunger every 48 seconds5.7 million children are malnourished and facing extreme hunger. 

But with your support GOAL is responding to the crisis in Ethiopia, Sudan and South Sudan.

Despite the challenges, including ongoing conflict, GOAL teams are on the ground delivering water, food and medical support. With your help we can save lives. Because that's what GOALies do.


GOAL teams are assessing infant malnutrition and providing lifesaving nutrition

What's causing the crisis?

Hyper inflation, food shortages, conflict and climate change are threatening millions of lives in East Africa.

Conflict in Ukraine has disrupted global supplies of wheat, fertiliser and other essential goods. The impact of Covid-19 has cost many their jobs. And rising oil prices are helping to fuel inflation and push food prices out of the reach of families in need.

To compound the crisis climate change is continuing to wreak havoc and decimate local farmers. East African communities are suffering the driest conditions in more than four decades.

Four rainy seasons have failed. Relentless heat has dried up wells and rivers. Crops have vanished - and swarms of desert locusts have devoured what little manages to grow.


Chulke, surrounded by the bodies of her cattle, is struggling to feed her family in Ethiopia

Small farmers like Chulke in Ethiopia have been left helpless as their animals have perished. The herds and flocks they depend on for survival have gone – and there’s nothing to replace them.

Chulke once looked after a 420-strong cattle herd. Now, just 20 animals have survived.

Despite the resilience demonstrated by farmers, families and communities in the region, the overwhelming impacts of the crisis are now becoming too much to bear.

“Our cattle are not animals for us. They are everything. But they are gone. Unless someone or something intervenes, it is going to be the toughest time ever," Chulke says.

How You Can Help

Millions of lives are under threat in East Africa. But with your support, GOAL teams can deliver essential supplies to families in need;

  • €75 will provide emergency food and water for a family in desperate need
  • €110 can provide blankets and hygiene supplies to a displaced family with nowhere to go
  • €180 could provide flour, oil, salt and grains to feed 4 families for a month

The crisis in numbers

23 million

People facing extreme hunger

5.7 million

Children malnourished

48 seconds

Someone is dying of hunger every 48 seconds

40 years

East Africa is experiencing their worst drought in 40 years

Triplets thriving thanks to GOAL's life-saving nutrition programme

Six-month-old triplets Nyachua, Nyajuak and Nyakime look the picture of health as they lie together in Gambella refugee camp in Ethiopia with their mother Nyakan.

The baby girls were found to be suffering from life-threatening, severe malnutrition in their early weeks.

But thanks to the support of our donors our team in Ethiopia were there to intervene. And the babies received the vital treatment they needed to survive and flourish. The triplets are now meeting all their developmental milestones and their mother Nyakan can start planning for their future.

With your support we can continue to provide life-saving nutritional support to thousands of children facing malnutrition in East Africa.

Please give what you can today - together we can help those on the very brink. Because that's what GOALies do.