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Supporting Syrian Refugees


GOAL has been contributing to the Syrian migrant response within Turkey since 2014 with a focus on responding to needs in health service delivery, social safety nets and the protection of vulnerable and marginalised migrants in southern Turkey.


In late 2014, GOAL commenced a small emergency Non Food Item (NFI) response inside Turkey for Syrians displaced into Suruc in the south of the country

In May, 2015, GOAL secured funding from Irish Aid to work with two local partners to deliver emergency e-transfers to meet urgent needs for vulnerable Syrian people in Hatay, and to support the establishment of a multi-service centre for Syrian refugees in Adana to provide vocational training and access to legal services

In 2015-2016, GOAL distributed food and Non Food Item (NFI e-vouchers to 250 vulnerable households in Kirhikan; reached 1,500 refugees with vocational training support in Adana; and provided 16,000 refugees with legal support and community outreach

Since 2015, with support from ECHO, GOAL has been implementing a programme to prevent the deterioration of health among, and increase the protection of, vulnerable Syrian refugees and marginalized migrants in southern Turkey

Working alongside the national health system, GOAL is continuing to help strengthen five Ministry of Health-run public and migrant health facilities in southern Turkey. By the end of 2016, we had reached over 43,500 Syrian refugees with health care services

GOAL is also addressing gaps in health delivery, social safety net and protection of vulnerable Syrian refugees and migrants through the provision of a tailored Special Needs Fund (SNF) by GOAL’s dedicated outreach teams

We provided almost 20,000 people in Adana, Gaziantep, Killis and Hatay with relief items by the end of 2016

We continued our work with Syrian migrants in Southern Turkey throughout 2017.



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