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100k My Way

100km in August

Join us for the 100k in August challenge! Run, walk, cycle or swim 100km in the month of August and raise vital funds for families in need. 

It’s a tough challenge, but you can make a huge difference by helping us respond to humanitarian crises around the world. By doing 100k My Way, you can make a real difference in the world’s most vulnerable communities, supporting life-changing programmes in 14 countries across Africa, the Middle East and Latin America.

We have created a Facebook group of people like you who are taking on this challenge together. Join our group today and become part of a team making a real difference!  

Any questions? Take a look at the FAQs below, or email Helena at events@goal.ie.  

How to participate - 3 easy steps!




Register to order your free t-shirt




Join our Facebook group and connect with other participants taking on the challenge




Create your fundraiser and start raising funds for families in the world's most vulnerable communities

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the challenge? 

This is a 100km challenge in August in aid of GOAL. You can complete the 100km challenge your way (although it must be human powered!) so run, walk, swim or cycle 100km in the month of August and help support families in need.  

How does it work? How do I register?   

  1. Register and order your free t-shirt
  2. Once you are registered, join the Facebook Group
  3. Once in the Facebook Group, you’ll see a link to create your Fundraiser. It takes 20 seconds and couldn’t be easier!  

And that’s it, you’re all set for your 100km challenge! Good luck!  

Do I have to be a runner to do this?  

No! We have lots of people running their 100km, but plenty will be walking, cycling or swimming also. You can even be more creative than that – you can paddle board, kayak, unicycle… be as creative as you want to be!  

Do I have to do the challenge as part of a team?  

No! We absolutely welcome teams joining the challenge, but you are free to do this as your own personal fitness challenge. You can get out into your locality on your own, or you can bring your family, your housemates, your dog or a podcast for company!  

If you want to join the challenge as a team, let us know! Email Helena at events@goal.ie and she can talk you through registering as a team.

Do I have to do the 100km in one day?  

Absolutely not! We have a few brave souls opting for 100k in a day challenge, but the vast majority will hit their 100km over the 31 days of August. When you register for your free challenge t-shirt, you will also receive a KM Tracker which you can use to hit your targets each week.  

How can I track my kms?  

You can use any activity watch like Fitbit, Garmin or Apple Watch to track your kilometres every day. If you don’t have a watch, your phone will also tell you this info. Just check the Health app on your phone and be sure to take it with you when you head out for your walk or run!

Lots of our participants will also use apps like Strava and MapMyRun to keep track of their progress through the month.

When you register for the event you will receive a free KM Tracker in the post. Hang it on your fridge and keep yourself motivated throughout the month!  

Can I do more than 100km?  

Of course! 100km is a big challenge, but if you go past that goal – even better! It’s all about challenging yourself and raising money for a good cause. 

How do I start fundraising?  

You can fundraise on Facebook, it couldn’t be easier! When you register, you will be entered into the Facebook Group where you will see a link to start your Facebook Fundraiser. We have done all the boring stuff for you, so you can simply hit the link in the group and your fundraiser will be set up in 30 seconds!  

All you need to do is share it with your friends and family and start raising money.  

How much money do I have to raise?

As much as you can! There is no minimum amount, even if you raise €10 you have still contributed to our cause and you are an important part of #TeamGOAL.  

If you raise over €50, you will be entered into a draw to win a Fitbit Charge 4!  

What do I receive to do this challenge?

Once you register, you will receive a free t-shirt in the post, along with your KM tracker and a thank you message from GOAL. You will also receive access to the Facebook Group where you can meet others taking on this challenge and stay motivated.  

Can I take part in this challenge with my colleagues/company?

Of course! We welcome teams from work, school and communities. It’s a great opportunity to bond as a team with lots of healthy, competitive fun. Get in touch with Helena at events@goal.ie to discuss registering as a team.  

My friend would like to donate but doesn’t have a Facebook account. Can they still donate?

If someone not on Facebook wants to donate, they still can do so. Simply share the direct link to your fundraiser with them and they can enter their details and donate. If this isn’t working for them, they can send you the money as cash or bank transfer (Revolut, PayPal, EFT) and you can add the money to your fundraiser yourself.