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About Changemakers

The 17 Global Goals

The GOAL Changemakers Award was launched in September 2019 with the aim of encouraging 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th classes in primary schools all over Ireland to share their actions and ideas on global change. We were blown away by the standard of entries. Explore the winners, and some other entries from 2019, below.

Keep a lookout for the 2020 GOAL Changemakers Award, which will be launched this summer. If you want to be alerted to the launch register your interest here.

Yes, future generations face major challenges including climate change, poverty and global injustices. Hearing about these issues can be overwhelming. However, there are reasons to be optimistic about the future!

The 17 Global Goals have been agreed by UN world leaders and have the power to end poverty, fight inequality, stop climate change and protect our oceans, flora and fauna by 2030.

It is heartening that this generation of incredibly conscientious and active young people and educators are taking so many actions to bring about a fair and sustainable world.

Changemakers 2019 Winners


Our Lady Queen of the Apostles N.S. 3rd Class


Change is in Our Hands!

Our Lady Queen of the Apostles N.S. 3rd class set out on their changemaker journey by studying the words and work of global changemakers to learn about global issues and get inspiration on how to effect change. They identified two major issues in their school community that they wanted to act on: food waste and over- packaging. They decided to campaign for less food waste in their school and lobbied their school food suppliers for reusable utensils and biodegradable wrapping.

Watch their inspiring campaign songs and see their art work here!


St. Patrick’s Loreto Primary School 3rd Class


Working Together to Make the World Better by 2030

St. Patrick’s 3rd class decided to focus on raising awareness about two things - responsible consumption and production around Christmas and the Global Goals. To reduce waste around Christmas they piloted sustainable DIY wrapping paper decorated with pictures of the Global Goals. They made Christmas cards and bauble shaped notes with information on the Global Goals to put in Christmas presents ensuring that people would learn about the Global Goals on opening gifts. The class decorated a donation box with the Global Goals to collect toys for a local children’s charity.

See their project and listen to their song here:


Castleplunkett N.S.
3rd and 4th class


A Sign Campaign Against Fossil Fuels

The 3rd and 4th classes at Castleplunkett N.S. noticed a local problem that is contributing to global issues – the over reliance of their community on fossil fuels. The classes felt empowered to be part of the solution and developed a public engagement campaign to highlight the negative effects of fossil fuels and to encourage the use of alternative sources of energy. They created colourful, rain-proof and thought-provoking posters and displayed them around the village. After one month the class helped to remove the posters to ensure their campaign did not cause any litter.

Have a look at their picture book here:


Let’s Spread the Word!

GOAL is delighted to share some of the wonderful project ideas classes came up with to demonstrate how their local actions can contribute to global change!

2019 Changemaker Project Ideas


Burrow N.S: 3rd Class
Save Our World

The Burrow N.S. 3rd class students have been very busy changemakers! They have set up a Picker Pals programme to clean their yard of rubbish, set up a Gardening Club where they have grown and ate their own food, campaigned to increase recycling in school and visited to see what was involved in the local campaign to ''Save Baltray Park!''


Donabate Portrane E.T.N.S: 5th class
Education in Cambodia

DPET N.S. are working hard to raise awareness about the education system in Cambodia. They believe that everyone has a right to quality education and unfortunately, education in Cambodia is trailing behind. Therefore, DPET N.S. have partnered with an organisation in Cambodia to engage in skill sharing and exchange with Cambodian teachers. This is done in an effort to educate the local Irish community about Cambodia and to raise awareness about the Global Goals.


Kildare Place School: 4th class
How to Create Sustainable Cities and Communities

The 4th class students in Kildare Place are fascinated by politics. They wanted to learn about democracy and how they can contribute to and provide sustainable communities for everyone. They ran a mock election and went on a trip to the Dáil. The most common issue that came up during their mock election was climate change. The class felt inspired to set up a Green Schools Committee as a result and are now working towards their first Green Flag – Litter and Waste!


St. Mary’s N.S: 3rd/4th Class
Stop and Wash

The 3rd and 4th class students in St. Mary's N.S. were noticing a lot of absences in school, they surveyed every class and compiled the data into a bar chart to show how many people were absent as a result of colds and tummy bugs. They knew that they were very fortunate to have running water in school and they might reduce the incidence of illness if people washed their hands properly. They designed posters for the bathrooms to demonstrate how to wash your hands properly and took it upon themselves to conduct workshops with younger classes to teach them how to wash their hands properly.


St. Matthew’s N.S: 6th Class
Shape the Future!

The 6th class pupils wanted to use their creativity to develop new products and/or innovate existing products to promote sustainability and improve the world. They were particularly concerned that everyone, no matter where they live, should have access to clean water. One of their pupils won an award for his innovative design for a drinking cup that would filter impurities out of dirty water. The whole class are now much more conscious of their own water consumption.


St. Molaga’s S.N.S: 6th Class
The Golden Lunchbox

The 6th class students in St. Molaga's wanted to reduce the amount of plastic packaging that is used in lunches in their school. They came up with the idea of a ‘Golden Lunchbox’ award to complement their ‘Golden Bottle’, ‘Golden Bike’ and ‘Golden Boot’ awards. The class created a trophy by spray painting a lunchbox gold and mounting it on a wooden plaque. The trophy is awarded weekly to the class with the most plastic-free lunches.

Meet Our Judges

Flossie Donnelly

Climate Activist and Student
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Sarah Webb

Children's Writer and Festival Programmer
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Jonathan McCrea

Presenter and Broadcaster
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Mary Van Lieshout

Deputy CEO and Director of External Affairs at GOAL
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Changemaker Prizes

The winning projects group will be invited on a day out to a sustainable development themed interactive experience in their province. GOAL will cover transport costs for all winners. Every class who submits a project will receive a GOAL Changemakers Certificate of Recognition.

Cool Planet Experience Prize:
A class trip to the Cool Planet Experience in Powerscourt, Wicklow. Check out the fantastic and interactive day out here:

Brigit's Garden Prize:
A class trip to Brigit’s Garden in Rosscahill, Galway. Check out the fantastic and interactive day out here:

W5 Prize:
A class trip to the W5 in Belfast City, Antrim. Check out the fantastic and interactive day out here:



All you need to do at this stage is inform us that you are interested in taking part in this year’s award by filling out the form below or emailing us at We will then get in contact with you upon the launch of the 2020 award. Please note that the GOAL Changemakers Award is open to groups that fall within the 3rd – 6th class category.

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