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Write The Future

Write the Future with GOAL is a new educational programme and competition for primary and secondary schools.


Write the Future with GOAL is a new educational programme and competition for primary and secondary schools. The programme aims to educate students on humanitarian issues and the work that GOAL does in this regard. This year’s theme is “Refugees”. Not only is this a relevant topic, given the current refugee crisis, but it also highlights an issue on which GOAL is actively campaigning.

Write the Future with GOAL not only helps students learn about important, current humanitarian situations, but also instils the belief that their voice matters and can inspire change in both the local and global community


Students can learn about migration, refugees and the current crisis through the use of downloadable lesson plans and activities (available below). Once the students have completed the lessons and have gained a better understanding of the issues surrounding the topic, they will have the opportunity to write a letter to a person of their choosing who they feel can make a difference in this area.

• Primary school pupils are encouraged to write to someone that they know in their community, such as a school principal or local politician

• Secondary school students are encouraged to write an open letter calling for ways we can make a positive change.


Entering is easy!

• Print off the entry form (available below).
• Submit letters along with the entry form
  Post to: Write the Future with GOAL, PO Box 12685, Dublin 8.
  Scan and email entries to: writethefuture@goal.ie
• Closing date for entries is November 13th

What to include in your letter:

Letters should:
• Be written in persuasive language
• Be no longer than 500 words in length
• Be written as a formal letter, using an appropriate layout (using an address, formal sign off, addressing the letter appropriately, etc.)
• Show knowledge of what the student has learned about the current refugee crisis
• Give the student’s opinion on the current crisis
• Make reference to the work GOAL currently does (if appropriate in the context of the letter)
• Clearly indicate a positive (and realistic) suggestion for making a difference


1 winner and 2 runners up will be selected in each category.

Primary Category 1: 3rd &4th class
Primary Category 2: 5th & 6th class

Secondary Category 1: Junior Cycle
Primary Category 2: Senior Cycle

Winners will receive:
• A GOAL goody bag for their class
• A day long, Bridge 21 style, DevEd workshop delivered at the school for the winner’s class.  Workshops include the opportunity for students to speak with the GOAL team in Syria via skype
• A trophy for the winning student
• Winning entries will be showcased on the GOAL website
  Runners up will receive:
• A GOAL goody bag for the class
• A trophy for the runner up student



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