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Honduras: Market Systems Development

The term ‘market system development’ means transforming systems to become more beneficial and sustainable to the poor through stimulating growth and expanding access. This approach provides a coherent, rigorous approach to understanding and intervening in market systems so that they function more beneficially and sustainably for poor women and men.

As part of GOALs Market System Development programming in Honduras, GOAL specializes in supporting producer associations, cooperatives, and small businesses to improve their access to markets. GOAL ensures this is done through providing technical support in the design and implementation of high quality business plans, while also facilitating access to credit from financial institutions such as Banadesa. GOAL also builds alliances with market actors, including the private sector, to accurately map and analyze targeted market systems. Currently, GOAL is supporting over 1,000 producers throughout Honduras to improve their access to markets including fisheries, basic grains, coffee, recycling and waste collection, oil production and cosmetics.

An urban example of GOALs work in this sector is a project in Honduras’ capital, Tegucigalpa. Funded by USAid/ OFDA, GOAL is implementing an innovative project to strengthen networks of pulperias (or small stores) with the aim of strengthening neighborhood economies and decentralizing the market system for basic food in Tegucigalpa. As part of this project, GOAL is assisting store owners to gain access to credit and form associations, allowing them to improve their supply chains and source produce more directly from rural producers.

Digital Data Gathering (DDG)
As part of GOALs use of advanced technologies, digital data gathering (DDG) software has been incorporated into activities under this sector, including utilizing mobile DDG to record field activities, in addition to mapping and monitoring market systems.

Access to Life Saving Products
Another important component of GOALs Market Systems Development programming is to increase the poor’s access to life changing products, including grain silos, fuel efficient stoves, rain water harvesting, and social housing.  GOAL believes opening access to such products is vital to reducing poverty in Honduras, as opportunities exist for rural families to invest and make significant returns on such products; lifting them out of poverty.


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