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General description of the programme

Established in 1977, GOAL is an international humanitarian agency, with a team of 2,400 personnel, dedicated to alleviating the needs of the most vulnerable communities. Currently operating in 14 of the world’s most vulnerable countries, GOAL delivers a wide range of humanitarian and development programmes, ranging from humanitarian relief in disaster situations, to focusing on nutrition, food security, and building greater resilience and sustainable livelihoods.

Overview of the role

The Global Safeguarding Manager oversees the implementation of the safeguarding policies and guidelines, including the Child and Adult Safeguarding Policy, Child Protection (CP) Policy, Protection from Sexual Exploitation, Abuse and Harassment (PSEAH) Policy, and the Code of Conduct (CoC), with the aim of creating a working environment free from SEAH of children or adults perpetrated by GOAL or its representatives.

You'll work with the Senior Management Team, Department Managers, Regional Directors, Country Directors, country level Safeguarding focal points, and other members of country teams. The Manager represents the organisation in networks and coordination, aligns GOAL with relevant standards, and communicates about innovative practices, trends, and new technologies or knowledge related to safeguarding. The aim of the role is to address and limit risks of abuse and harm directly or indirectly created by GOAL’s presence. You'll  ensure that the organisation has regularly-reviewed policies and procedures in place, that individuals involved in activities are recruited, trained, and managed to reduce risks, and that there are mechanisms ensuring accountability.

Please note his role can be based in the following Goal country of operations, Ireland, UK, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Jordan or Honduras, ideally candidates will be eligible to work in one of these countries outlined 

General Responsibilities

Provide safeguarding leadership and direction for GOAL through:

  • Developing and updating the global safeguarding strategy and driving operational implementation;
  • Interpreting and applying operational and specialist information from a variety of sources related to safeguarding;
  • Advising on a variety of contexts (including cultures, countries and partners) to further the objectives of GOAL and with reference to the external Safeguarding environment;
  • Contributing to and influencing operational planning;
  • Developing effective networks with external bodies;
  • Ensuring safeguarding investigation protocols are performed to a high standard and consistently checked for their relevance and standards;
  • Implementing safeguarding best practice which is legally compliant;
  • Organising learning and development opportunities for staff.

Key responsibilities:


  • Provide strategic vision and leadership on Safeguarding, including rollout and implementation of relevant policies, strategies, and annual Safeguarding Action Plans.
  • Improve the effectiveness of SEA prevention, detection, mitigation, and response, including investigations, in the organisation, working through the countries’ Safeguarding Focal Points, Human Resources teams, and Accountability focal points.
  • Support country offices in developing and implementing cross-departmental annual Safeguarding Action Plans which align with GOAL’s Safeguarding 7 minimum standards.
  • Lead GOAL’s global Safeguarding focal point network to strengthen its capacity in various aspects of safeguarding and ensure compliance with safeguarding standards.
  • Engage with HQ Human Resources to include best practices in safeguarding during recruitment, staff management, performance appraisals, and other relevant processes.
  • Provide strategic oversight on strengthening staff understanding, training, and learning on Safeguarding, including safeguarding inductions for newly recruited staff, safeguarding training, and refresher training to ensure they understand and commit to policies and procedures related to safeguarding.
  • Ensure data is documented and reported on GOAL’s Training Management System and PowerBi dashboards.
  • Work with the Logistics and Procurement team to ensure Suppliers' contracts are aligned with global protocols and the Supplier Code of Conduct.
  • Eelaborate closely with the GESI and Accountability Advisors to strengthen GOAL’s approach to Safe, Accountable, and Inclusive Programming.
  • Ensure Board members, SMT in HQ, and Country SMTs are informed about their legal responsibilities.

Foster a safe environment to raise and discuss concerns

  • Foster a working environment that is non-threatening, safe, and actively addressing safeguarding in its processes.
  • Ensure the presence in the country of trained Listeners who are known by the team for their capacity to receive allegations of abuse, and know how to react and refer the case. (safeguarding focal points, HR officers, and others).
  • Work with safeguarding focal points and Protection staff in country officers to research and develop context-appropriate innovative approaches to countering SEA and to address barriers to reporting.
  • Represent GOAL in networks and professional groups (e.g. Dochas Safeguarding Network, Interactions FP2A network, IASC AAP/PSEA Task Team, the Coalition for Keeping Children Safe and ICGBV network).
  • Communicate about experiences and lessons learned internally and externally on safeguarding.
  • Work with the Global Accountability Advisor to ensure that country office CFMs are accessible to children and vulnerable adults.
  • Support safeguarding focal points to develop community engagement plans to raise awareness to ensure vulnerable populations, including women and children have knowledge about our Safeguarding Policies and Code of Conduct and have access to GOAL’s reporting mechanisms.
  • Collaborate with SMT to update & review safeguarding risks in the quarterly risk register to ensure Safeguarding risks are identified at an early stage and mitigation measures put in place.
  • Ensure oversight of safeguarding standards and respond to the internal auditor/ compliance officer on issues raised.
  • Lead the safeguarding due diligence process for Partners in line with the On-Granting partnership protocols.
  • Support implementing Partners in developing and strengthening their safeguarding systems and processes, where required.
  • Engage with the communications function to develop case studies and human interest stories related to Safeguarding and Protection.

Response to concerns

  • Support the investigation team to carry out high-quality, lawful investigations at GOAL sites worldwide, ensuring a survivor-centred approach is adhered to with appropriate reporting to relevant authorities, as well as contractual reporting to donors.
  • Provide advice and guidance on SEA allegations, taking into consideration the potential risks to the personal safety of those involved.
  • Build trust across the organisation so that stakeholders (including survivors) feel empowered to report concerns.
  • Work in partnership with authorities or external agencies seeking information to which they are entitled to provide.
  • Advise when an independent risk assessment or investigation should be sought.
  • Provide advice to the SMT and HR on the employment or redeployment of staff with convictions or unresolved concerns regarding harm to a child or adult.
  • Ensure that appropriate records are maintained on SEA, accidents, and harm, suitable for admission in legal proceedings.
  • Work with the Communication department and SMT to control information in a way that ensures the protection of the alleged survivor, perpetrator, and GOAL.

 Essential Requirements:

  • 6+ years of experience in safeguarding, and working with children, young people and/or adults who are vulnerable;
    • Demonstrable interest in working to prevent SEA;
    • Skilled in identifying and mitigating risks;
    • Strong moral integrity;
    • Strong commitment to confidentiality;
    • Strong facilitation and presentation skills, including experience in the design and delivery of training programmes;
    • Excellent written and spoken English;
    • Strong IT skills (mainly Office);
    • Ability to work collaboratively with a wide range of stakeholders and cultures;
    • Influence using a variety of different styles, considering cultural differences;
    • Commitment to upholding and crafting GOAL’s values; demonstrating integrity, diplomacy, professionalism, reliability and resilience;
    • Ability to quickly build personal rapport, trust, ease of communication and active listening;
    • Empathy for the challenges survivors face in reporting and for the pressures an investigation places on stakeholders in general, including the alleged perpetrator and management;
    • High degree of organisational ability, working well under pressure and to deadline;
    • Strong and clear communicator and public speaker who can deliver messages to a variety of audiences;
    • Excellent self-awareness and understanding of the need for self-care, personal strength and resources to face possible hostilities related to its tasks.

GOAL has a Staff Code of Conduct and a Child Protection Policy, which have been developed to ensure the maximum protection of programme participants and children from exploitation. GOAL also has a confidentiality policy ensuring the non-disclosure of any information whatsoever relating to the practices and business of GOAL, acquired in the course of duty, to any other person or organisation without authority, except in the normal execution of duty. Any candidate offered a job with GOAL will be expected to adhere to these policies any job offer made is also subject to police clearance. GOAL is an equal opportunities employer.

This Job Description only serves as a guide for the position available. GOAL reserves the right to change this document. Any published closing dates are estimated.  Due to the nature of GOAL’s work we aim to fill vacancies as quickly as possible.  This means that we will close adverts as soon as we have found the right candidate and this may be before the published closing date.  We would therefore advise interested applicants to submit an application as early as possible.